Here's how it works- BYOB is a full-service Fitness Agency providing independent personal trainers the opportunity to be self-employed. Our trainers receive direct payments from their clients, with no percentage splits with the gym. BYOB allows trainers to focus on what is really important-THE CLIENT!

The Solution for Independent Trainers!


Who Can Benefit from BYOB?

Experienced Trainers


  • Set your own prices.

  • No percentage split with cooporate gym.

  • Avoid expensive start-up costs for owning your own gym.

  • Train clients at other gyms while building your business at BYOB.

New & Part-Time Trainers


  • No quota  to reach while you're building your business.

  • Expert advice and coaching on how to grow your business.

  • Keep your 9-5 while you grow your clientele.



  • All BYOB trainers are licensed and insured.

  • We will match you with the best trainer to fit your needs.

  • Variety of training facilities to keep your work-out fresh and new!

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