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  • Do I have to be certified and insured?
    Yes. All BYOB trainers carry an active certification and insurance. You’ll find most clients feel more secure knowing you have a certification and insurance.
  • I currently work at a gym, can I still train clients at BYOB?"
    Yes. BYOB does not require trainers to sign a non-compete agreement, so feel free to train at any gym. But we think you’ll make the most money here, because you’re not asked to split your fee with a gym.
  • Do I have to form a formal LLC (Limited Liability Corporation)?
    No. You can operate as an unincorporated business, and work as the sole owner. If you decide to form an LLC, we’ll guide you through the steps.
  • Do I have to get locked into a contract?
    No. While locking into a package with a specified number of sessions provides the most cost benefit, BYOB trainers can customize the amount of sessions they’ll need- no matter how small.
  • Can I start training if I only have one client?
    Yes. There is no minimum number of clients you need to get started. BYOB will provide the facilities and professional insight to help you grow your business.
  • What is the cost to clients and trainer?
    The client pays nothing to the gym, only person get paid is the trainer. The trainer could pays as little as $15 per session and it could be even cheaper when electing to go with a monthly set plan.
  • Do you have parking?
    Yes, we have a huge parking lot with plenty of parking spaces
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