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Training Here: Why BYOB?

Our Story


Be Your Own Boss Fitness Agency was created out of the need to fill a huge void in the Fitness Industry- Ownership!  The creators of BYOB are life-long fitness professionals.   Whether it’s the low-pay, little reward of a chain gym- or the financial sacrifice of “going it alone”- they’ve done it all.  They’ve used their years of successes and disappointments to create BYOB- The Solution for Independent Trainers!

Earn More with a Simple Plan


Money Earned > Money Paid Out  = More Profit


Many corporate gyms pay new trainers just above the minimum wage, and experienced trainers reap little benefits from their loyal clientele. BYOB trainers are paid directly from their clients.  Our trainers pay a floor fee per session, which can be purchased in cost efficient packages.  So you determine how much you’ll make- not us!  You'll also set your own schedule; you can train clients on a full or part-time basis.   BYOB also provides an entrepreneurial environment where expert advice is shared.  


New Business Start-up Costs   vs.   Joining BYOB 

New Business Start-up Costs

Legal and accounting


Rent and utilities


Build-Out Setup

Machines / furniture  







Total Start-Up Expenses


* 3000sqft. space

BYOB Fitness Agency

  • Free membership!

  • Start training your clients immediately!

  • Free first Workout, to help build your business!

  • Access to our numerous spacious Studios! 

  • Full access to the showers and locker room!

  • Access to child-care for your clients' children! 

  • Immediate access to entire fitness center!

Start your business Debt Free!

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps !!!

Step 1. 


Call (908) 913 0081 for an in-person info session.

Come in and take a tour of our state of the art facility.

We can tell you how great it is, but seeing is believing! 

Step 2. 


Sit down with one of our BYOB associate. 

A member of our staff will discuss your personal training goals.  

Remember it's free to join!

Step 3.  


Start training your clients! 

Once you've signed up with BYOB Fitness Agency,

you can begin training your clients right away. 

BYOB associates are available to share advice on how to start growing your business.

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