Want To Build An Extra Revenue Stream In Your Gym?

Let BYOB Fitness Agency Staff Your Gym With Independent Personal Trainers

We Solve A Major Problem For Gym Owners

A major problem a gym can have is a staff of personal trainers that resemble a revolving door. If you’re constantly staffing new trainers, members will lose trust in your service. We fix that problem for good by staffing your gym with already established personal trainers.

How We Staff Your Gym

Our process is designed to identify and attract personal trainers who already have a clientele, and relocate them to your gym.

By attracting the most experienced trainers who are “in it for the long haul”, your gym becomes the local authority for personal training. These trainers have the best reputation, and now, with the help of BYOB Fitness Agency, your gym is associated with that reputation.

1. Brand Equity

BYOB Fitness Agency is the industry leader in managing gym rentals for personal trainers in New Jersey. We are an established brand that resonates perfectly with personal trainers looking for a “home base” for their business. Instead of traveling between multiple locations and people’s homes, they can rent your gym – for a fee.

2. Social Media Advertising

We run Facebook ads 24/7 that target personal trainers. This way, personal trainers at any point of their career are aware of us, and can plan their business goals accordingly. When you bring BYOB to your gym, we will immediately begin running Facebook ads to your location at no cost to you.

3. Search Engine Optimization

BYOB Fitness Agency is the authority figure in this niche. When personal trainers are looking on the internet for a rental options, they contact us.

4. Phone And Email Outreach

Yes that’s right, cold calling. We have a process to identify personal trainers in the local area and contact them to schedule a tour of your gym. We’ve found that trainers already know who we are by the time we reach out to them.

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