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Dear Friend,

My name is Mike Brown, and I’ve been a personal trainer in the area for 18 years and counting. As a veteran fitness trainer in union county, most of my experience was as a trainer in a large chain/corporate gym.

In my near two decades of experience, I’ve worked with 100s of people on reaching their fitness goals. Man, woman, young, old… I’ve had the opportunity to work with everyone.

The only part about fitness I didn’t like was the corporate business side of things.

Working in corporate was never ending sales quota after sales quota. Instead of focusing on trainers building relationships with their clients, everything was based on “cookie cutter” programs and sales. There was constant pressure from upper management to force training down every gym member’s throat.

Corporate would tally up their profits, and the trainers and their clients would become more and more frustrated. “Sitting ducks”, my manager used to say to me…

“Sitting ducks just waiting to buy personal training. And I mean just LOOK at them, they NEED it.” – My Corporate Boss

What ultimately lead me to leave my job as a corporate personal trainer and start BYOB Fitness Agency, was the overall quality of the service.

  • Clients were being lied to and locked into one year contracts without even knowing. Instead of being allowed to cancel due to a “misunderstanding” (lie), they were forwarded to collections.
  • The pricing just didn’t make any sense. Trainers with 1 year of experience were selling packages for the same rate as trainers with 10 years of experience. Which trainer do you think would give you better service for the same $90/hr, the newbie, or the veteran?
  • Work conditions were hostile and focused on the wrong direction. Instead of discussing research fitness information that would help us train our clients, our daily meetings were about sales. ​

Fortunately, the fitness industry is much different now than it was even a few years ago. Now, “salesy” places like that are going out of business, and customers are beginning to favor small business.

Consumers are now looking for the small private owned fitness studio, or following their personal trainers from corporate gyms off onto their own private business ventures. (You know, where the customer service is top priority.)

That’s where BYOB Fitness Agency comes in. ​

Don’t Be A Link In A Chain Gym

The “BYOB” In “BYOB Fitness Agency” stands for “Be Your Own Boss”.

BYOB Fitness Agency teams up with gyms across New Jersey. We open our doors to the best independent trainers in the area to run their own businesses. We are currently in one location, and are in the process of expanding.

We are the only personal training company that welcomes freelance trainers. Every other company kicks them out and hires newbies because they’re cheap labor.

Our trainers all come from different backgrounds, and each one specializes in different areas. Weight loss, toning up, getting stronger, quality of life improvement, you name it.

Are You A Personal Trainer?

Do You Own A Gym/Studio?